Baptism for Children – Prepare Your Young Believer for Water Baptism

You’re a loving parent. You want to do the very best for your child. Now it’s time for that next step in your child’s spiritual journey, and you’re wondering:

What’s the best way to prepare my child for baptism?

Video Discussing Joey's Baptism

Hi. My name is Rob Favero. Several years ago I was in the same spot you were.

My two boys each put their faith in Jesus Christ at an early age. When it came time to publicly acknowledge their trust in Christ by getting baptized, I wanted to make sure they had a proper understanding of this milestone act of faith.

I wanted them to clearly understand that baptism doesn’t save you. But I also wanted them to appreciate the sacred importance of this special ceremony.

You see, I’m convinced that baptism is important because it’s a specific and tangible way to express our loving obedience to God.

This is particularly true here in the 21st century, where our modern world sensibilities tempt us to view baptism as little more than an antiquated ritual that leaves people wet.

I wanted to make sure that my boys would experience their baptism as something much more than just a “bizarre, outdated church ritual.”

With this goal in mind, I began a search to find a resource that would help me teach my boys about the special and unique Christian ceremony we believers call baptism.

I checked with some local Christian bookstores and I did a search on the Internet. But I just came up empty-handed.

Wow! If my local Christian bookstores did not carry even one resource to prepare children for baptism, I figured my chances were remote of finding a resource that would explain baptism the way I wanted.

So I decided to invest my time in writing my own set of lessons. This gave me the chance to spend my energy creating a resource that explained baptism in a way that would hopefully bring this special ceremony alive for my boys.

So I pulled out my Bible, fired up my creative passions, prayed, and began working on a project that eventually became known as Joey’s Baptism.

The result is a 4-chapter eBook that you go through with your child. It leads your child step-by-step through the important elements of baptism.

I was quite pleased with the results.

And so was the children’s director at our church.

I still remember how excited she was when she got ahold of a copy that I had given to one of our pastors. She told me:

You don’t know how much impact this booklet is going to have.

As you can see in the testimonials to the left, others since then have expressed similar views.

I believe Joey’s Baptism is a well-crafted, trustworthy resource that can help you prepare your child for baptism.

The booklet is divided into 4 chapters:

  1. Joey’s Big Question (What is baptism all about?)
  2. Grandpa Explains (Baptism reminds us of Jesus’ death and resurrection.)
  3. Water, Water Everywhere (Water is a special element for baptism.)
  4. Final Questions (Baptism shows that we have put our trust in Jesus.)

Each chapter gives a straightforward and engaging explanation of the important elements of baptism. They’re big concepts presented in simple terms to match your child’s level of understanding. Activities at the end of each chapter reinforce the concepts introduced in each chapter.

Joey’s Baptism is targeted for children in kindergarten through 4th grade. The lessons are written in a style that is simple enough for a five- or six-year-old to understand, yet the concepts are challenging enough to satisfy the interest of a nine- or ten-year-old.

To better match varying abilities for children of different ages, each chapter ends with two pencil activities, one for younger children and one for older children. Children older than 10 can also benefit from use of this booklet, though the pencil activities may not interest them.

Of course, having a resource that presents big concepts in a readable, clear way is only good if the concepts it’s presenting are accurate. So the question is:

Is the teaching in Joey’s Baptism faithful to solid Biblical teaching?

If you’re like me, there’s no compromising here. I’ve got to be comfortable that whatever I’m teaching my children about baptism is rock-solid. And for that reason I had the book reviewed by an evangelical pastor to ensure its faithfulness to Biblical teaching.

So you can be confident that Joey’s Baptism will lead your child in the right direction on her or his spiritual journey.

To help you decide if this valuable resource is right for your family, I’m making available the fourth chapter for you to review. It’s a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file, and you can download it right now.

Joey’s Baptism is a downloadable ebook in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, and you can purchase a copy for just $11 (special pricing is available for use in a church setting). Your purchase allows you to use Joey’s Baptism with every child in your immediate family, whether you have one child or four children or more. I do request that families do not share a copy, but that each family purchase a separate copy.


Risk-free Guarantee
I want you to be happy with your purchase. So here’s a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee:

Take a full 60 days to look over Joey’s Baptism. During that time, if you decide that this resource doesn’t fulfill what your family (or church) needs and you won’t be using Joey’s Baptism, just let me know. I’ll issue you a full refund.


Joey’s Baptism provides young believers with solid Biblical teaching about the purpose of baptism in the Christian life. It puts big concepts in child-level terms to make baptism a meaningful and memorable ceremony for children. I believe you will be pleased with the quality preparation Joey’s Baptism will provide to your daughter or son.

If you have any questions, please contact me, Rob Favero.


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