Wow! These video clips from baptism ceremonies are classic. I came across them on the Internet, and they gave me a chuckle. I present them as a celebration of the marvelous gift God has given us in our senses of humor and in those unusual and/or unexpected moments of our daily (spiritual) living. Enjoy!

Video 1 – Just Keep Holdin’ On

This older gentleman looks like he’d feel a whole lot better about going under if he can just keep that right hand anchored somewhere above the surface.


Video 2 – West Virginia Extreme Baptism

This isn’t the laugh-out-loud kind of funny. It’s more of the I-can’t-believe-these-guys-did-this kind of funny. Notice they need two good-sized guys doing the baptisms. I imagine with water at this temperature, it’s the only way to make sure everyone goes all the way under. Brrrr!


Video 3 – Fish Baptism

Well … I guess there’s more than one way to leave a baptismal.


Video 4 – Cannonball

And … Of course, there’s more than one way to enter a baptismal.



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