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Girl Memorizing Bible VersesWelcome to the Bible/Scripture Booster, a free software assistant that will supercharge your efforts to memorize passages of Scripture from The Bible.

Tutorial on How to Use the Bible/Scripture Verses Memory Booster

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What is the Bible/Scripture Memory Booster?

This free tool helps you with Bible memorization through a method called “Progressive Challenge.”

You may be familiar with this method, even if you don’t recognize the name, as it has been a popular way to help children memorize Bible verses in a Sunday School classroom.

Here’s how Progressive Challenge works:

You write out or type the material you wish to memorize. After reading through it a few times (and perhaps saying it out loud), you challenge your memory bv covering up or erasing a few words. You then read through the material again, filling in the missing words from memory.

After you practice a few more times, you cover up or erase a few more words. This process continues until all the words are gone.


Why Is This Method of Memorizing Scripture Verses Effective?

One of the difficulties with memorization is that we often don’t really “see” the words we are wanting to memorize. So we go through half-focused, mindless repetition, gradually but inefficiently increasing our perception of the words we are trying to remember.

Our minds work more efficiently if we can just be more effective in perceiving the individual words.

And that’s precisely what the Progressive Challenge method does. By methodically challenging our minds to remember “just a little more material” every time we cover up more words, we force our minds both to perceive individual words and to recognize relationships among the words. This behavior in turn makes the material much more memorable.

Our efforts are multiplied and we see dramatically faster results.

The Bible/Scripture Memory Booster brings the Progressive Challenge memory method to your computer.

Bible Memorization Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1. Copy and paste the passage of Scripture you wish to memorize into the Scripture to Memorize box. You can use the Bible lookup form above to find a Bible passage online.

Step 2. Enter the Bible reference for the passage into the Scripture Reference box. If you used the Bible lookup form, this box will already be filled in.

Step 3. press the Prepare button. Your Scripture passage will appear in big letters in a new box in the middle of the page. This box is your work area where you will be focusing most of your attention.

Step 4. When you are ready to challenge yourself by covering up some words, click on the More link that appears just above your work area. Each click on this link will cause the software to randomly cover an uncovered word. Click Less to uncover the last word covered.

Step 6. If at any time you cannot remember one of the covered up words, you can peek at it. Simply float your cursor over the top of the word (without clicking on it) and the word will appear.

Step 6. The numbers that are located just above the work area indicate the percentage of words that have been covered. The percentage is indicated by a red box. Click on any of the numbers outside the red box to change the percentage of words that are covered.

Step 7. If you would like to have the software randomly re-arrange which words are covered, click on the Mix Them Up button next to the Prepare button.

Step 8. If you would like to decide for yourself which words get covered and uncovered, you can click on a word to cover it and click on a yellow box to uncover the word under it. The order in which you cover and uncover the words will be recorded. Then you can cover and uncover words in the recorded order by clicking on the More link, the Less link, or the percentage numbers.

Memorizing verses is a great way to learn spiritual truth from the Bible, God’s Word, in a deep and personal way. Your efforts will be greatly rewarded. I hope you find this software assistant very helpful in your quest to memorize verses of Scripture. May God bless your decision to hide His Word in your heart.

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